About Us

The Origin

The Argentine Journal of Online Anatomy is the scientific dissemination body of the Argentine Anatomy Association. The object is the dissemination of Morphological Sciences.



  • Capture morphological investigations in a written document to facilitate the transfer and application of knowledge in Health Sciences.
  • The diffusion of anatomical knowledge and pedagogical element and encourage reflection on teaching practices



  • Consolidate Anatomy with excellent quality academic services, in an enviroment of interdisciplinary dialogue and with products of research, teaching and university projection, which are recognized at national and international level.
  • Consolidate the morphological investigations.
  • Ensure that teachers have innovative information on morphology and teaching.


  • Having a suitable remedy to spread the quality anatomical research.
  • Offer a means of updating teaching in different areas of the university or medical specialties.
  • Disclose basic and applied research in accordance with the needs of society and the academic interest to contribute to the development of anatomy at national and international level.
  • Consolidate the investigation teams.


  • Ensure the training and education of the academic community.
  • Determine an offer of quality scientific information.
  • Strengthen research groups publishing the different projects.