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Vol. VIII – 2017

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Nº 1

Anatomical variation in the formation and emergency of the sciatic nerve: Case report

Calvo Delfino, Melina; Frydman, Judith; Pfund, Guillermo

Foot morphology on barefoot practicing athletes versus athletes who practice with footwear

Sánchez, Celso

Normal values of liver size by ultrasonography in children in the Eastern Anatolia region

Mete Özdikici

Professor Doctor Eugenio Antonio Galli. Master of the Argentine Anatomy

Rollan, Santiago M.; Forlizzi, Valeria A.

Study of the morphologic and morphometric patterns of talar articular facets on dry adult calcaneal bones in South-Eastern Nigerian population

Ukoha Ukoha Ukoha, Obazie Izuchukwu Feechukwu, Chioma Onuoha

Chief Editor's note

Bianchi, Homero F.
Nº 2

Anatomical variation persistent left superior vena cava (PLSVC) finding in the radiological anatomy. A case report and review of the literature

Araujo C., Juan C.

Head and neck lymphatic nodules in goats

Cao, J.; Bode, F. F.; Resoagli, J. M.; Fernández, J. A.; Polej, E.

Analysis of intraparenchimal distribution of the renal artery

Lavorato, Nicolás

Anatomical study of celiac ganglia and bases for their blockade

Chuang, J.; Pangol, M.; Lavorato, N.; Paredes, J.; Coppari, P.; Bertone, V. H.

Anatomical considerations of the larynx and its application in endoscopy

López Miná, M. I.; Iaccarino, A. B.; Meijomil, M.; Hamermiler, A. P.; L’Abbate, C. Tutor: Dr. Blasi, E.

Long thoracic nerve and dorsal scapular nerve courses through the middle scalene muscle. An anatomical study

Merino, Luciano D.

Blood nutrition of the extratemporal portion of the facial nerve. Surgical importance

Gorodner, A.; Lagraña, R.; Lagraña, G.; Cabral, D.
Nº 3

From the body to the virtual reality in the learning of the human anatomy at the School of Medicine of the University of the Western Cape

Araujo C., Juan C.

Pedagogy 2.0 applied to the Anatomy learning process

Maffia Bizzozero, Santiago; Almeida, Guadalupe; Banti, Nicolás E.; Migliano, Federico; Woeffray, María J.

Tomographic morphometry of the foramen magnum during the postnatal development. Preliminary results

González, Paula N.; Bendersky, Mariana

Prostatic microvascular anatomy features related to the prostatic arterial embolization

Garategui, Gustavo L.; Onorati, Matías V.; Urlacher, Matías E.; Flores, Ignacio; Rosasco, Nicolás M.; Gómez Lastra Martín D.

Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Anatomy in Buenos Aires City

Macchia, Esteban A.

Morphological analysis of the pudendal nerve and its clinical approach

Borgno, Laura M.; Mansilla, Alejandra; Calisto, Joaquín; Cabrera, Juan A.

Comparison of the macroscopic and microscopic results obtained with the fixation mixtures of Mc. Cormick and Larssen modified on striated and connective muscle tissue

Alejandra; Borges Brum, Gonzalo; Bosco, Alexis; Miño, Martín; Candotti, Gabriela; Díaz, Maura; Russo, Pedro; Blanco, Carlos
Nº 4

Hidden anatomy of intra sulcus cerebral cortex

Gargurevich, B.; Cechetti Secundini, F.; Avendaño, M.; Martínez Hinojosa, P.; Chuang, J.; Forlizzi, V. A.; Baldoncini, M.

Usefulness of the International Anatomical Nomenclature (IAT) in surgery of the abdominal region

Araujo C., Juan C.

Abstracts of the scientific papers presented at the 54th. Argentinean Congress of Anatomy held from September 27 to 29, 2017 in La Plata City. Argentina

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