Archive 2019

Vol. X – 2019

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Nº 1

10th. Anniversary of Revista Argentina de Anatomía Online

Bianchi, Homero F.

Analysis of the Mackenzie tracheal type by computed tomography

Vespa, Florencia D.; Ferro, Francisco; Macchia, Esteban A.; La Vía, María Belén; Robles, Roxana E.; Güidi, María M.; Mazzaferri, Juan S.

Analysis of the terms valva or valve or cuspis used in the literature. A problem of translation or semantics as a current dilemma in the anatomical terminology of the valvular heart apparatus

Araujo-Cuauro, Juan Carlos

Variants in pancreaticobiliary junction and outlet

Hamermiler, Aldana Paula

Abstracts of papers presented at the 55th. Argentine Congress of Anatomy, held on June 21 and 22, 2018 in Mendoza City

Nº 2

Anatomy of the relations of the jugulo-subclavian venous angle

Gigena, Rafael; Ulloa Márquez, Vladimir; Corti, Augusto; Gaite, Ian; Petek, Federico; Shinzato, Sergio

Spina bifida, anatomo-imagenological finding. Case report

Macchia, Esteban A.; Fernández Serrano, Johanna M.

Incomplete bifid ureter with double renal pelvis and partially duplicated ovarian vein. A case report with embryological explanations

Chaudhury, Subhramoy; Ghosh, Anasuya; Kunwar, Ajaya; Anadkat, Samir

Anatomical basis on shoulder dystocia

Rollan, S.M.; Stigliano, J.; Righi, C.; Avendaño, M.; Cimmino, M.; Pró, E.A.
Nº 3

A cadaveric anthropometric study of femoral nerve. Anatomical guide to successful femoral nerve block

Subhramoy Chaudhury, Anasuya Ghosh, Atin Datta

Anatomical alterations in the insertion of the lower costal cartilages in the etiology of the thoracic deformity variety pectus excavatum

Araujo-Cuauro, Juan Carlos

Superior vena cava syndrome: Radiological finding. Case Report

Ferro, Francisco; Vespa, Florencia D.; Corona, Paola H.; Macchia, Esteban A.

Asymmetries in the surcal pattern of the frontoparietal operculum

Vallejo Azar, Mariana Nahir; Bouzigues, Arabella; Alba Ferrara, Lucía; González, Paula Natalia; Bendersky, M.
Nº 4

Guidelines of a good professor

Lafalla, Pablo Alberto; Gutiérrez, Carlos Guillermo; Asid, Roberto; Barbato, Leonardo; Rosales, Andrés; Toledo, Maximiliano  

Azygos lobe. Cadaver case report

Cabrera, Juan; Martínez, Sofía; Ugon, Gustavo Armand

Coronary anatomy of a Red Neck Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus)

Coton; Facundo Emmanuel; Picco, Nicolás; Montani, María Belén, Bellereniam, Guillermo, Abuin, Gustavo

Radiological finding: Azygos vein lobe. Case Report

Zamora, Sofía; Villegas, Pamela V.; Macchia, Esteban A.

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