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Vol. XIII – 2022

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portada Revista Argentina de Anatomia Online 2022 Vol. XIII Nº 1
Nº 1

Implication of the irrigation of the olfactory organ and peduncular formations in humans (An anatomical approach to Anosmia - COVID 19)

Romero, Enrique G.; Núñez, Marcela A.; Romero, Edgardo G.

Basic and low cost tridimensional model of the cow's brain using the Klingler technique

Uribe Miranda, Manuel de Jesús; Zamarripa Varela, Christian Manuel; Salazar Garcia, Jesús Ricardo

The unintentional finding of os acromiale within the Brazilian population: Two case reports

Moura Cardinot, Themis; de Albuquerque Correia, Carolina; Barbosa dos Santos Nascentes, Isabela Claudia; Faria Bueno; Antônio Celso; Sampaio Penteado, Luiz Otavio

How to evaluate anatomical knowledge in times of COVID 19? Opinion survey of second-year medical students on continuous medical evaluation

Martínez, Fernando; Martinelli, Luca; Lopes Bragança; Lahíssa; Loaces, Inés; Demolin, Rodrigo; Correa, Noelia; Del Bene, Chiara; Vaz, Cesar; Corderi, Fabricio; Mattiozzi, Andrea

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