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Vol. XIV – 2023

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portada Revista Argentina de Anatomia Online 2023 Vol. XIV Nº 1
Nº 1

Chief Editor's note

Acuña, Marcelo

Prof. Dr. Homero Felipe Bianchi (1944-2022)

Ciucci, José Luis

Anatomical study on the coronal and lambdoid sutures and their usefulness in the location of the central fissure and the intraparietal sulcus

Martínez, Fernando; Correa, Noelia; Delbene, Chiara

Incidence of the median artery

Lascurain, Sofía Beatriz; Meccia, Ángela; Corsiglia, María de los Milagros; d´Annibale, Melanie Ayelén; Pereira, Lautaro Benigno; Blasi, Esteban Daniel; Shinzato, Sergio Alberto; Bertone, Vicente Hugo

From sketch to reality: Anatomical structures seen in most atlases, but in few dissections

Colombo, Axel Omar; Funes, Sofía; Rodríguez Valdivia, Julieta Laura; Abuin, Gustavo; Bendersky, Mariana

Study materials in students of anatomy in the degree of medicine. Partial analysis in a chair

Maffia Bizzozzero, Santiago; Macchia, Esteban A.

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